Why Full-Circle?

Full-Circle manufactures extraordinary products, we’re meticulous in our assembly and testing procedures.

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Innovative Design

Full-Circle developed the first swivels to be designed specifically for the 360° rotation of filler valves at the end of a hose for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas). Full-Circle was also the first company to design a hose reel swivel Listed with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in 1992, the SMAC-series swivel.
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Consistent Quality

Continuity is important to us. Our depth of experience designing rotating equipment for LP-gas service goes back to 1938; we know our STUFF! We are very focused on providing consistent quality and continually improving our processes. The end result is a well-engineered and fully tested swivel you can count on to perform to our high expectations.
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Frequently Audited

We are also fully audited by various third-party agencies. This includes quarterly unannounced visits from Underwriters Laboratories, a yearly audit process conducted by our Notified Body, TUV, and a yearly audit from our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System registrar. We also conduct our own in-house audits; twenty-seven or more each year.
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Rigorously Tested

Our housings used for swivel joints are pressure tested before being used in the assembly process. Once a swivel is fully assembled, it is again pressure tested using sensitive manometers. The typical swivel is tested at low, medium, and high pressure. It is rotated during the test. Then, pressure is relieved slowly, and the swivel is monitored as the pressure relaxes the seal package.