The Full-Circle Story

Walter Smith holds the very first SMAC swivel at industry trade show.

The Trade Show That Started a Company

At an industry trade show in 1991, a concept was developed for a highly engineered and progressive new design for a hose-end swivel attached to the filler valve used to make transfers of LP-gas from a bobtail delivery truck hose.

Walter Smith founded Full-Circle later that year and in the process was the first company to List a swivel with the Underwriters Laboratories for LP-gas service. The SMAC-1 swivel laid the foundation for designs to follow.

In 1992, the SMAC-series hose reel swivels were developed and the first of their kind to be Listed with the Underwriters Laboratories. The very first SMAC-series swivels were shipped in December 1992.

In 1993, smaller pipe-size SMAC-series swivels were developed and also the first of their kind to be Listed with the Underwriters Laboratories for LP-gas service.

The JO-1 Hose-end Swivel

Two years later, the JO-1 type hose-end swivel was developed. The JO-1 was one-half the weight and one-half the size of the original hose-end swivel, the SMAC-1. The JO-1 received recognition from Design News Magazine as one of the best designed products in 1995.

By 1998, Full-Circle’s product line included 90-degree and straight-through configuration swivels in pipe sizes from ¾ through 2-inch with combination pipe sizes. In that same year, the Company developed vent flanges for meters. The first vent flange developed was the MA-98SLT. At the end of 1998, Full-Circle moved into new manufacturing premises in Yucca Valley, California.

In 1999, Victaulic type swivels were developed for refined fuel transfer leading to the development of the FC option swivels.

Full-Circle Gets Certified

In 2003, Full-Circle was certified to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, now known as ISO 9001:2015. In that same year, compliance was achieved with the EU Directives. Full-Circle products comply with the Pressure Equipment, Machinery, and ATEX Directives.

In 2010, design work commenced on the SS type SMAC-series swivels.

In 2013, the SS series swivels were listed with the Underwriters Laboratories for LP-gas service and presently comply with all applicable EU and UK Directives.

In 2019, the SSD swivels were developed for DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) liquid service.

In 2020, the FLN flanged series swivels were developed for alternative flanged connections for hose reel applications.

In 2022, compliance was achieved for the UK Compliance (UKCA marking). Such directives include PE(S)R, UKEX, and the Machinery (Safety) Regulations.

Full-Circle continues to provide useful and highly engineered products that are innovative, user-friendly, maintenance-free, and performance-based. Full-Circle manufactures the broadest range of liquefied gas swivels worldwide and is the only swivel manufacturer specializing in the design of swivels for liquefied gas use.