JO-34 / JO-1 / JO-114

JO-34, JO-1, JO114

Full-Circle developed the first swivels to be designed specifically for the 360° rotation of filler valves at the end of a hose for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas).

Available in the straight-through configuration for ¾” MNPT x ¾” FNPT , 1” MNPT x 1” FNPT , and 1- ¼” FNPT x 1” MNPT sizes.

Liquid Service: LP-gas, Natural Gas, Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3), and Refined fuels. Contact our engineering department for other liquid services. Pipe size and type of liquid service are model dependent.

Stainless Steel Construction.

See Catalogue CS-1 for more details.